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Do You Need A Resume Writer?

May 19, 2021
We’ve worked with hundreds of candidates over the past 10 years, and while we love what we do, there’ve been many instances where we’ve turned away potential clients.

Hiring a resume writer, truthfully, just isn’t for everyone.

We’ve worked with hundreds of candidates over the past 10 years, and while we love what we do, there’ve been many instances where we’ve turned away potential clients.


Our service wasn’t a right fit for them. 

You see, everyone’s job hunting situation is different. 

Some are looking for guidance with their career direction. Others need help improving their interview skills.

If you fall into either of the above categories, we’d recommend seeking advice from professional career coaches or counselors.

But if you think you need help specifically with your job application documents, then engaging a professional resume writer might be right for you.

CVExpert Tip: Thinking about leaving your job? Applying for roles soon? Or are you in the midst of job applications? No matter where you are in your job search journey, it doesn’t hurt to get a qualified second opinion on your CV. Get in touch with us for a complimentary CV analysis session.

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Do you need a resume writer?

Working with a professional resume writer might be useful if you are:

Not confident about your resume

Not Confident About Your Resume 1024x683

You’ve read your share of resume writing guides, carefully examined tons of great resume examples, and agonised for hours over your CV.

But something’s eating away at you. 

Your resume still doesn’t look quite right.

Is it attention-grabbing enough? Are there crucial elements it might be missing? Is it too long and unnecessarily detailed?

Does it capture exactly what the hiring manager is looking for, and show that you’re THE obvious choice for this role? 

If you’ve tried your best to perfect your CV but are still plagued by doubts, consider engaging an experienced professional to craft your resume for you.

CVExpert Client

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"Gary, CVExpert Client"

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    We’ll request your CV via email. We promise not to spam.

    Being on both sides of the market (as licensed recruiters and professional CV writers) for over 10 years now, we’re completely attuned to Hong Kong’s employment landscape.

    We’ve worked with candidates just like you – from young professionals trying to break into hot new fields, to career switchers and senior executives gunning for their next big move – and know how to write CVs that consistently land them more interviews.

    CVExpert Tip: We do our best to match you with a CV writer specialised in your industry, and we don’t take on cases that we can’t deliver on. If we accept your case, it’s because we’re confident we will add value to your resume. That’s our promise to you.

    Struggling to get interview callbacks

    Not Getting Interview Callbacks 1024x683

    Haven’t received interview call ups, despite sending out tens of applications? 

    It’s not you. It’s your resume.

    And you’re not alone in your struggles.

    Over the years, hundreds of customers have come to us with the exact same problem, and we’ve taken great pride in helping them turn their situation around

    We’ve seen candidates go from zero callbacks in months, to scoring multiple interviews within weeks of sending out their new CVs.

    Take Patrick and Zeng for example:

    I recently worked with Victor on my resume. He has done an outstanding job throughout the process. We started with a meeting to understand my experience, skills and what roles I am looking at. He has helped me identify significant/relevant achievements. Vic has provided a first draft within a few days and we needed only a few iterations with minor changes . He was always available via texts or calls and has a great way of phrasing things professionally. I will definitely work with him again if I need an update in the future. The response rate to my applications has increased by 4 times and I made it into multiple last rounds so far.

    – Patrick Thiem, ResumeWriter client


    This is my very first time to work with ResumeWriter. I am amazed the service they provided to personalised the resume for me. It is a very rewarding experience to work with the writer and she has been a great help to me. She is professional and is always there for me when I needed help.I cannot be more than thankful enough for ResumeWriter. The extremely high quality CV I have gotten in the end is worth every cent.I highly recommended people to take up this service and help from ResumeWriter. Update: I have landed my dream job in less than 1 month and I cannot be happier for all the help ResumeWriter have given me. I really hope this review can reach out to those that needed help for their resume. The writing for the resume is impactful.

    – HN Zeng, ResumeWriter client

    That’s the drastic difference an expert-written resume can make.

    You don’t have to sign up for a package with us right away. First, you can send us your resume for a complimentary CV analysis session.

    After you’ve received our feedback, download our resume samples or resume templates and give rewriting your CV a go.

    Find yourself struggling with your CV then? Consider purchasing a CV rewrite package from us then. We’ll take your resume off your hands completely.

    CVExpert Tip: If you’ve already been landing interviews, but are failing at them, then our service probably isn’t right for you. But if you’re struggling to get your foot in the door, then yes – your resume will most likely benefit from a rewrite.

    Pressed for time / Don’t know where to begin

    Pressed For Time 1024x683

    You know your CV’s sorely in need of an update; it might be years since you last applied for a job. 

    Over the past decade or so, you’ve taken on multiple new positions with increasing responsibility. 

    Perhaps even taken on additional work scopes or transitioned into new roles.

    How do you even begin condensing your long, diverse career history into a tidy, impactful resume?

    You could try sparing an hour or two from your busy schedule to update your resume on your own, but in truth, it takes much longer than that to write a winning resume.

    We’ve helped hundreds of jobseekers craft and recraft their CVs, so take it from us – resume writing is a skill in itself, finely honed through practice and time.

    Our writers undergo intensive training and mentorship to learn to write a high quality resume that meets our exacting standards.

    And by the end of it, they’re able to draw out each client’s unique career narrative, identify the critical gaps in their CVs, and highlight the key experiences and achievements that will give them an edge over other applicants.

    In short, they’re able to craft job-winning resumes.

    Great job opportunities don’t come around often.

    So if you can’t dedicate the time and effort to work on your CV, don’t wing it. 
    Get help from seasoned professionals – like hundreds of jobseekers in Australia have.

    Prefer rewriting your CV on your own? Use our collection of 50+ Resume Samples for inspiration. These Resume Samples were written by our HR consultants for various industries and roles in Australia.

      *We’ll email you a link to download the resume samples.

      Gunning for a highly competitive job

      Gunning For Highly Competitive Jobs 1024x683

      Yearning to land that highly coveted position in a top MNC? 

      Roles like these are extremely in-demand and ridiculously competitive. 

      Chances are, you’ll be competing against hundreds or even thousands of applicants. 

      Most of these candidates are among the top 5% in their fields.

      Many of them would have equally impressive work experiences and career track records.

      But here’s the difference: not all of them know how to best position themselves for the role.

      That’s where we come in – to craft you a winning resume and cover letter that gives you that edge over your competition.

      We’ve helped our clients land interviews at the likes of Google, Facebook, IKEA, Airbnb, among others (see some of these stellar Cover Letter examples here)

      At firms like these, unless you’re connected to the hiring manager or have a referral, it takes a truly top-notch resume to get your foot in the door.

      CVExpert Tip: Download our top Cover Letter samples here.

      There you have it – the reasons why a resume writing service like ours might be right for you.

      Take your time to deliberate, and read what our clients have to say.

      If you want to be extremely sure before purchasing a CV rewrite package, we recommend signing up for our free CV analysis session. 

      One of our specialist consultants with an HR background will review your CV thoroughly and provide a detailed breakdown on how it can be improved.

      And if you have any questions at all – feel free to email us at hello@cvexpert.com.au. We’re more than happy to assist, and will respond to all queries by the next working day.

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      • How Long Does The Process Take?

        You’ll receive a 1st Draft within 3 working days of your phone interview. If you need a CV urgently, you can order our express delivery option (subject to availability). You’ll then receive the 1st Draft within 1 working day of the phone interview.

        Once you have the 1st Draft, you’ll have 10 working days of unlimited revisions. Depending on your needs, you can finalise your documents anytime during that window.

      • What Happens After I Pay?

        You’ll receive a short email requesting your current resume documents, and answers to a few basic background questions. One of our Resume Writing Consultants, specialised in your field, will then email you to schedule a phone interview. If you’re overseas, we’ll make an international call to a number of your choosing.

      • Who Will Be Writing My Resume?

        A Resume Writer specialised in your field will be assigned to your case. Your Writer will have a deep understanding of your industry, and will be able to identify key strengths to highlight and job search strategies to follow.

      • How Many Drafts Can I Have?

        We allow unlimited revisions for up to 10 working days. During this period you can email your Resume Consultant as many times as you need, and discuss any edits and updates you feel necessary. The unlimited resume revisions period starts on the day you receive your 1st Draft.

      • What Does The CV Writing Package Include?

        The Resume Package includes a phone interview and consultation with your Specialist Resume Writer, unlimited email interaction with them, as well as unlimited revisions and drafts for up to 10 working days. The unlimited resume revisions period starts on the day you receive your 1st Draft.

      • Do I Need A Cover Letter?

        Some job advertisements require the candidate to submit a Cover Letter. For job ads that don’t require one, you can typically still submit an optional Cover Letter. We strongly recommend submitting a Cover Letter whenever possible, as they give your application a ‘voice’ and help you stand out from the crowd.

      • What Format Will My Resume Be In?

        The Finalised Resume will be delivered in Microsoft Word format, and you will be able to edit it yourself for future use. All of our CV templates are ATS (Applicant Tracking Solution) optimised to get past automated CV scanners and screeners.

      • I’m A Returning Customer

        If our team have previously written your CV, you are eligible for our Returning Customer discounted CV Update package. This is available in the following options:

        *Please note, these CV Update options are only available for returning customers.

      • Can You Help Me With A Career Switch?

        Absolutely. We’ve had hundreds of clients come to us looking for a new resume to aid in a career switch. During the phone interview with your Resume Writing Consultant, they’ll outline a strategy to best highlight your key skills and experience, and help you make the transition to your new career.

      • Will My Case Be Kept Confidential?

        100%. All data is strictly confidential, and we have strict internal controls on document access.

      • What Is The LinkedIn Update?

        When you add a LinkedIn Update to your Resume Package, your Specialist Resume Writer will refresh your LinkedIn Profile to ensure that it showcases your strengths and abilities, and is highly visible to recruiters in your target role. They’ll craft your career story, and target your profile’s content to match the most-used keywords in your industry, putting your profile at the top of LinkedIn search results.

      • How Does The 90-Day Guarantee Work?

        If you’re not delighted with the service we provide for you, simply email us and we’ll refund your entire payment. If we don’t deliver value, you shouldn’t have to pay. *All refund requests must be made within 90 days of payment.

      • Can I See Some Samples Of Your Work?

        Of course! We’re very proud of our work. Click Here to see some of the resumes we’ve written.

      • What If I Don’t Have A CV?

        Not a problem. Simply order the CV writing package that matches your years’ of experience and we’ll write a winning resume from scratch, just for you.

      • Do You Offer Discounts?

        No. We pride ourselves on charging our customers fairly and consistently. Everyone gets the same fair deal.

      • Can I Buy A CV Package For Someone Else?

        Yes! Our CV Packages make for thoughtful gifts, that can have a real impact on someone’s life.

      • Can I refer someone to ResumeWriter?

        Absolutely! Our exclusive Client Referral Programme rewards you and your friend when your referral buys a CV package from us! *Kindly note that this programme is for ResumeWriter Clients only.

      Article by Klaus

      Klaus is HR on TVD and doing really good on his role.

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