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CV Expert Australia is part of the ResumeWriter APAC Group (which also includes ResumeWriter Singapore, ResumeWriter Hong Kong, and ResumeWriter Malaysia)

We’re a CV writing company staffed by HR Veterans. More than that, we’re also active recruiters (with both a recruiting arm and an outplacement arm).

By being on both sides of the market (recruiting and CV writing), we’re able to be plugged in completely to the pulse of the industry. This is what allows us to write CVs that consistently get our clients more interviews.

Our firm believes in delivering results. We only take on clients whose profiles we can add value to. And even when we do take on clients, we stand behind our 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the work we’ve produced, we don’t deserve to get paid. That’s our promise to you.

Hitesh Suresh
Harry Suresh
Licensed Recruiter

Founder & CEO, Hitesh is Licensed Recruiter with over a decade of experience.

A well-respected industry figure, he has countless connections across Tech, Finance, Engineering, Product Development, Sales, and IT.

David Whitaker
David Whitaker
Former Recruiter, and Account
Manager with Oracle

Business Director, David is a former Account Manager with Oracle, an ex-Headhunter, and a professional writer.

With a proven track record, he’s highly knowledgeable across Business Development, Strategy, Marketing, and Sales.

Dianne Woo
Dianne Woo
Former HR Specialist
at Standard Chartered

Talent Planning & Service Delivery Manager, Dianne is a former HR Specialist with Standard Chartered.

An expert in Career Growth, Candidate Sourcing and Job Search Methodology, she’s well-connected across HR, Finance, and Education.

and dozens more CV writers specialised by industry….


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